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Behind every successful business is a great bookkeeper

As a small business owner, bookkeeping probably isn’t high on your list of priorities. You’re busy taking care of clients, managing staff and meeting deadlines. You’re likely to be juggling a huge workload and endless streams of emails. Plus, if you run your business alone, like more than half of small business owners, bookkeeping might feel like a burden rather than an essential business function. When it comes to your books, you might be feeling:


by the time it takes to manage your bookkeeping and finances


by the amount of financial transactions, decisions and obligations


about what your numbers mean and how to interpret your data


at the thought of looming BAS and impending tax deadlines


about the accuracy of your reports and the reliability of your information


in crunching numbers… you have a hundred other things to do!

At The Number Ninjas Bookkeeping, we get it – but we have to tell you the hard truth. If your books are a mess, it’s highly likely your business will be too. Without accurate and timely financial data, you miss out on valuable insights that empower you to make wise business decisions. You also miss out on opportunities to drive profit and improve cash flow.

Neglecting your business bookkeeping is the equivalent of having blinkers on. You can’t see the potential – or the pitfalls – that exist all around you. That’s where The Number Ninjas Bookkeeping comes in. We take the stress out of bookkeeping, so you can get back to running your business.

We give your numbers meaning – and give you freedom

Bookkeeping is our business – and we’re exceptionally good at it. With over 13 years of experience, combined with Certified Practising Accountant (CPA) credentials and tax agent registration, we manage your books with speed and precision. Plus, we free up your time to focus on things that light you up – like drumming up new business or working on your next big idea.

With our ninjas in your corner, you’ll have more hours in every day. Our bookkeeping services help you to:

  • Make smarter business decisions, simply by understanding your finances
  • Save time and energy worrying about (or procrastinating over) your financial obligations
  • Sleep better at night knowing your books are in order
  • Identify more effective ways of operating your business
  • Enjoy the efficiencies of online accounting
  • Do away with piles of paperwork (hello, digital filing)
  • Save money with scalable, fixed-fee bookkeeping packages

Our small business bookkeeping services

As small business bookkeeping specialists, we offer a complete range of services for startups through to established businesses.

Xero conversions & setup

Need help setting up Xero? Whether you’re new to cloud accounting or you’re switching to Xero, we get you set up – quickly, seamlessly and hassle-free.

Xero health check

Are bookkeeping errors costing you? A Xero health check identifies errors that could boost your bottom line.

Rescue bookkeeping

If you, another bookkeeper or someone else has made a mess of your accounts, we come to your rescue. We’ve never found a problem we can’t fix.


Your staff rely on you for accurate, timely payroll processing – and you can rely on us. We take care of your payroll, including wages, super, WorkCover and PAYG withholdings.

Cash Flow Solutions

We have the strategies and tools to help you take control of your cash flow. Solve and prevent business cash flow problems before they become a costly business crisis.

Xero training

New to Xero software? Want to learn more about Xero features? As Certified Xero Advisors, we provide professional training to help you get the most from your software.

Systems, processes and workflows

Learn to harness the latest technology to create and streamline businesses processes. Efficiency and consistency are the keys to success – and we help you increase both.

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