Backed by 13 years’ experience, CPA and tax qualifications, The Number Ninjas Bookkeeping provides a high-tech, high-performance bookkeeping service for small businesses.

About The Number Ninjas Bookkeeping

At The Number Ninjas Bookkeeping, we believe you can’t grow what you don’t know. In 13+ years working as a tax and management accountant, our Head Ninja, Sheryl Cole, was constantly surprised by the lack of knowledge around business data. It’s still surprises us today.

Despite huge advances in technology, most small business owners are struggling to make sense of their finances. Some are spending or investing money without knowing their budget. Others are using inaccurate data to inform key decisions. Almost all these businesses are grappling with cash flow – and very few can grow. The scariest part is that most have a bookkeeper. Some even have an accountant.

So, what’s missing in the bookkeeping industry? Why are small businesses still flying blind when it comes to financial decisions?
It all due to a gap in knowledge – and a gap in client service.

Most bookkeepers aren’t accountants, which means they can only do the basics. Most accountants, while qualified, are focused on the more complex issues. Bookkeeping is at the bottom of their agenda, and they’re not committed to helping businesses grow. It’s a catch 22 that leaves clients in limbo – and has big impacts for small businesses.

As a Certified Practising Accountant (CPA), registered tax agent and business management specialist, Sheryl saw a solution. Her vision was to deliver a more comprehensive service that would help people know their numbers and, in turn, grow their business. Rather than simply relaying data, Sheryl wanted to empower small businesses with essential knowledge about that data – and help them take a strategic approach to financial and business decisions. And so, The Number Ninjas Bookkeeping was born.

The Number Ninjas Bookkeeping blends bookkeeping, management accounting and best-of-breed accounting software to produce accurate, detailed data for small businesses. With a focus on forward planning, education and cash flow management, The Number Ninjas Bookkeeping is helping small businesses streamline their processes, make smarter decisions and boost their bottom lines.

How we Work

Online and Australia-wide

As small business owners, we understand that life gets hectic. Finding time to get to an appointment can feel like mission impossible. And finding a time that fits with your bookkeeper? That’s Shinobi status.

To make life more convenient, we deliver our bookkeeping services virtually. Whether you need bookkeeping support, Xero training or cash flow solutions, we meet with you in an online environment, like Zoom or Skype. With the ability to share screens, it’s just like being in the same room – but without the hassle of travel or the need to take time out from your business.

Plus, as Xero specialists, we set up with Australia’s leading accounting software. That means we can access your data online and provide real-time advice. No paperwork. No problems.

Prefer to meet in person?
The coffee is on us. You can book an appointment at our Melton office during business hours, Monday to Friday.

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