Which Xero Pricing Plan Do I Need?

December 6. 2019.

How to choose the right Xero Pricing Plan

If you’re a small business in Australia and not yet using cloud accounting software, we recommend that you explore Xero. Xero offers a free trial for 30 days (no credit card required). We’re confident you’ll discover that Xero’s features and functionality completely transform your business bookkeeping and business efficiencies. Some small business owners even describe Xero as life changing!

To work out which Xero Pricing Plan is right for your business watch this 5 minute video from our Online Xero Course, ‘Learn Xero Accounting’.

Full disclosure: We may be Xero partners, but we don’t receive any affiliate commissions for shouting Xero’s praises from the rooftops We’re also partners of MYOB, Quickbooks Online, Reckon and Saasu. We know each product inside out. But, here at The Number Ninjas Bookkeeping we are unashamedly Team Xero.


How much is a Xero subscription?

The cost of a monthly Xero subscription will depend on the functionality your business requires and your business’s monthly transaction volume.

Xero broadly offers 3 main pricing plans for small business, starting from AUD $25 per month, with the most popular plans being AUD $50-$65 per month including payroll for 2-5 employees. 

Important Note: Xero’s prices are set to increase by $2 per plan on 18 March 2020. And justifiably so, because Hubdoc will be included in every Starter, Standard and Premium plan. We can’t contain our excitement!

If you’re simply after a Single Touch Payroll solution to comply with the Australian government’s new payroll reporting regulations, then Xero has you covered here as well. Xero’s low cost payroll solution gives you STP compliant payroll software for up to 4 employees for $10 per month.


Xero Partner Edition Plans

Did you know that Xero have a number of other plans that are not available to the general public? They’re known as the Xero Partner Edition Plans and, as the name suggests, they’re available exclusively to clients of Xero Partners. 

So what’s on offer with the Xero Partner Plans? These plans exist for clients who need just the basics. These plans allow you to streamline your record-keeping, access business reporting, and comply with GST and tax obligations.  The Xero Partner Plans don’t include sales invoicing, supplier invoicing or other fancy business features.

Non-GST Cashbook

If you’re not GST registered, for $10 per month you can experience the bliss of automated bank feeds, reconcile your bank accounts, and view your data and reports. For the cost of two lattes a month, this plan is a no brainer.

GST Cashbook

If you are GST registered, for $19 per month you can do everything in the Non-GST Cashbook and of course prepare your GST return.

Payroll Cashbook

This plan represents excellent value given it does everything the GST Cashbook does and manages payroll for up to 4 employees. It calculates pay rates, tax rates and leave entitlements and has built in timesheets to track employee working hours. It’s Single Touch Payroll (STP) compliant too.

We’re a proud Xero Partner and we love everything about these exclusive plans, because it means that even our smallest clients can do away with clunky spreadsheets and experience the brilliance that Xero has to offer – even without all its bells and whistles.


How does a Xero Subscription work?

Xero is pay-by-the-month subscription software. There are no lock-in contracts, which means you can cancel at anytime with just one month’s notice. Xero is a cloud-based solution which means you can easily and securely access your data from any device with an internet connection.

Unlike other software-as-a-service products, you are not charged on a per-user basis which means you can add as many users as you want and all of them can work in Xero file simultaneously – including your accountant and bookkeeper.

The only caveat here is if you decide to subscribe to Xero Expenses and Xero Projects where you’ll pay for active users of these add on features. However, the majority of businesses won’t require this extra functionality at first, if at all. 


How does Xero compare with other cloud accounting software?

There are a range of cloud accounting software products on the market including MYOB, Quickbooks Online, Reckon One, Saasu and even Wave. 

Xero is not the cheapest of the available products, but it certainly does represent the best value for money. Xero integrates with some 800 plus apps and add-ons and it’s app ecosystem is evergrowing. Xero also has the simplest, most intuitive user interface compared with MYOB and Quickbooks Online for example.


Is Xero easy to learn? Do you provide Xero courses and Xero Training?

Clients who are new to Xero or comparing cloud accounting software will often ask if Xero is difficult to learn. A comprehensive Xero course and the right Xero training will have you up and running with Xero Accounting and Payroll in no time at all.

If you’re looking to Learn Xero Accounting or Learn Xero Payroll, we provide Online Xero Courses as well as classroom Xero training and 1:1 Xero Training. Specifically we offer:

  • Learn Xero Accounting (Online Xero Course, self-paced,  learn no matter where in Australia you are)
  • Learn Xero Payroll (Online Xero Course, self-paced, learn no matter where in Australia you are)
  • Classroom Xero courses in Melton and Melbourne
  • 1:1 Xero training delivered via Zoom no matter where in Melbourne or Australia you’re located
  • 1:1 Xero training at our Melton office customised to your needs

Our Xero courses are designed and delivered by a CPA qualified accountant who is also a qualified educator holding a Certificate IV in Training & Assessment.

You can access two free modules of our Online Xero Course ‘Learn Xero Accounting” here.




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